Unstuff Your Life!: Kick the Clutter Habit and Completely Organize Your Life for Good

Unstuff Your Life Kick the Clutter Habit and Completely Organize Your Life for Good A professional organizer and life coach shows readers how to kick the clutter habit with his complete how to guide to total organizationArguably the most organized man in America sought after coach A

  • Title: Unstuff Your Life!: Kick the Clutter Habit and Completely Organize Your Life for Good
  • Author: Andrew Mellen
  • ISBN: 9781583333891
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • A professional organizer and life coach shows readers how to kick the clutter habit with his complete how to guide to total organizationArguably the most organized man in America, sought after coach Andrew J Mellen has created unique, lasting techniques for streamlined living, bringing order out of chaos for the chronically overwhelmed everywhere Acknowledging that it sA professional organizer and life coach shows readers how to kick the clutter habit with his complete how to guide to total organizationArguably the most organized man in America, sought after coach Andrew J Mellen has created unique, lasting techniques for streamlined living, bringing order out of chaos for the chronically overwhelmed everywhere Acknowledging that it s often the stuff behind the stuff that holds people back, Mellen offers a surprisingly simple, yet effective solution in his step by step guide, guaranteed to help achieve organizational bliss for everyone from perpetual key misplacers to hard core hoarders.From basement to bedroom, kitchen to car, and into every corner of life, Mellen s system yields lasting results Discover how to Never lose your keys or wallet again Stop mail, magazine, and paper pileups for good Feel empowered to tackle bills and budgets Reclaim space and time once dominated by clutter Built on the principle that we must distinguish ourselves from our possessions, Unstuff Your Life starts with truly achievable goals and works toward the nightmare projects everyone tries hard to avoid With humor, honesty, tough love, and foolproof advice, Mellen makes it easy to finally let go and embrace the decluttered life.

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      281 Andrew Mellen
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    1 thought on “Unstuff Your Life!: Kick the Clutter Habit and Completely Organize Your Life for Good”

    1. 3 stars!I was really excited to read this one as one of my goals for 2018 is to declutter my condo (I made great strides in my closet today :D). Unstuff Your Life! had some tips that may be helpful to some, but the majority of the book either 1- wasn't helpful to me specifically or 2- things I already do. The main point of the book is that 'everything has a home'. This was said sooooo many times! Most things in my condo already have a place, so the repetitiveness wasn't helpful for me. The one c [...]

    2. Attention: Spoiler Alert!I don't know exactly what I was looking for when I picked up this book perhaps it was just some inspiration. I have been fairly organized my whole life, but I was also a stay-at-home mom. Now I am out in the workforce and finding it more difficult to stay organized, but deep down, I know what it takes. Mr. Mellen spends a verbose, albeit sarcastically witty and encouraging, 373 pages stating what could be said in a few sentences. His motto is Everything Has a Home and Li [...]

    3. I have read and/or listened to this book three times (so far.) Once straight through, and then each chapter a couple of times again as they correspond with the room I am organizing. I could write a dissertation on its merits, but sufficeth it to say that Andrew Mellen is a genius.It is completely intuitive-nothing radical(crazy) here, just common sense presented in a very reasonable, step-by-step way with a healthy dose of humor. Somehow the author knows exactly which pushback I would have at ev [...]

    4. Reading a book about organizing your house is probably as useful as reading a book about losing weight. Everyone knows how to do it- it is a question of whether you are motivated enough to take the necessary steps.Listening to Andrew Mellen describe the steps to an uncluttered house can be boiled down to two phrases" Everything should have a home" and " like with like." He has an entire chapter on getting your mail sorted for goodness sake. Sounds like a complete waste of time- right? Except it [...]

    5. His attempts at humor are kind of annoying and I feel like spends too much time telling me to calm down and stop panicking way too often. But, that is just me. And maybe there are people who do start having heart palpitations at the idea of getting rid of some of their "stuff," but I'm guessing if a person is willing to sit down and read the book, they are willing to throw some crap out. Anyway, besides the tone and style of the book, I LOVE IT. He starts with having a place for your keys/wallet [...]

    6. The book started out with a great and energetic introduction and made a promise to explain the whys behind its strategies and suggestions. It also seemed to indicate that the book would delve into the psychology behind why we collect and sometimes hoard as we do. Unfortunately, the book fell woefully short on each count.Instead, the book contained a litany of "to dos" in order to achieve the author's idea of organization. There was a lack of flexibility and the phrasing often resembled orders. A [...]

    7. Fantastic book for people like me who need step by step directions when it comes to organization! I followed his instructions almost exactly and my kitchen has been organized for months! I also used his guidelines for setting up a filing system and it's working really well. He also discusses why we get attached to "stuff" and how to let it go - great read.

    8. I was a little concerned when I saw the size of this book (it's thicker than the average de-cluttering/organizing book) and I was more concerned when I saw that the type is also quite small. Indeed, this is an author who definitely likes the sound of his own voice.In terms of actual advice, he espouses two main ideas: like with like, and everything has a home. In and of themselves, they are good, useful ideas. However, there's only so much to say about them before one starts repeating oneself, a [...]

    9. This book ranks supreme for its kind. It's thorough without being dry. I adopted simple, but quite helpful, changes suggested that made the book's value obvious. I loved reading this author. What a great personality/writer from start to finish!

    10. This is a book that requires action, and my personal experience with any book that requires taking action (especially action you've neglected to take for years) is that you're inclined to push off reading the book to a later date (the 'when I have the time to follow the advice in this book' date). Do your best not to fall for this trap.Here is why you should read the book (without being inclined to take action right away):- You will get familiar with the methods, so when you do have time to take [...]

    11. This is only useful if you need lists of where things belong in your home. For example, he will tell you to put pasta and rice in the pantry. Uh, really? He has some good general pointers at the beginning, to train yourself to put your keys, wallet and purse in their "home" every day. But I guess I am not as disorganized as I thought, because there was not much useful for me in this book.

    12. Nothing wrong with this one other than it didn't hold my interest. This was the 3rd of 4 books on decluttering and minimalizing I have read in the past couple months and half way through I hadn't learned anything and wasn't gaining any new inspiration so I stopped and went on to another book on the same subject.

    13. The book is well structured and informative. It is a bit outdated in the technology chapters like photography and computer management but I guess that's normal considering how fast things are changing. Apparently, I am more organized than I expected, so the book wasn't very useful in my hands. However, I can imagine some people could benefit a lot from it, so I would recommend it for people who are lacking basic organizational skills.

    14. If this wasn't audio I more than likely would not have finished it. No magic happened My house isn't any more organized than before I started! LOL. Didn't motivate me into being fabulously organized the humor was def. Better because it was audio I can see how reading it would be annoying didn't tell me anything I already didn't know, sadly.

    15. A good book for people who don't know where to start with all the STUFF you have that you feel is taking over your life. I did skip some chapters because they didn't relate to me, but otherwise a great book.

    16. Lots of good ideas and a good reference section. I enjoyed the author's writing style. The only quibble I had with his approach was that one does not remove one's winter kit from the car in summer (ever!) in Colorado! :-)

    17. I have to have an organizing audiobook while I do major spring cleaning, this time, Unstuff Your Life!: Kick the Clutter Habit and Completely Organize Your Life for Good was the lucky winner. Everyone knows how to organize more or less,the question is whether one is motivated enough to take the necessary steps, REGULARLY!!As organizing books go, this book had rules to follow: "One home for everything, and likes with likes" that the author applies to everything in your life.I liked that this book [...]

    18. Over the years I have read a number of "clutter" books, all encouraging the de-cluttering of life. It has been years since I read one and since this was on sale at Audible I decided to give it a shot. After living in my home for 20 years, there are closets/cabinets/drawers, etc. that have become overwhelming. This is the most methodical, hands-on, this-is-how-you-do-it guide I have ever read. He covers everything from organizing your closet to your garage. I gained a number of pointers here that [...]

    19. I listened to this book for encouragement and ideas as I faced sorting out my house after 20 years of acquiring, including a husband and his stuff. My husband passed away suddenly and I'm feeling the need to unstuff as part of my grieving process. Mellen narrates his own book and I love his snarky sense of humor and the simplicity of his message. Boiled down it is "one home for everything and like with like." But don't miss this book if you need to bring organization to your life and if you need [...]

    20. I read tons of stuff about uncluttering but this book beats them all. I liked it so much I bought the book after listening to the audio. Fun, engaging, and this really changed the way I approach my cluttered life. I am working room by room (as the book is organized--you can reorder the way you go through your house/life which I am doing) and have been through the first part about keys/mail and purse, but already I'm having an easier time navigating my life. The book is simple, to the point, does [...]

    21. This book actually changed both my perspective on organization and my organizational skills. He's very good at anticipating/debunking all of your excuses. For example, keys should ALWAYS go in a designated spot when you aren't using them excuses. Keep non-kitchen stuff out of the kitchen (this was a great one for me - my kitchen is far more clean now). Set up a mail center with different file folders for sorting (my husband and I LOVE this and it helps prevent miscommunication between us & l [...]

    22. I highly recommend the audiobook. Just listen to it and start bagging all that stuff! I didn't follow each chapter in order but instead just plugged in my Ipod and listened as I worked. Every chapter has something good for any room of your house. If you spend more time looking for what you need rather than doing what you want then it's time to get rid of a few things - the stress is not worth that junk!! Among many other things that I have misplaced, I found 7 tape measures and 9 hammers! I use [...]

    23. The glib review would be "Unstuff Your Book of Needless Repetition!" I have a propensity for obtaining "clutter" books to purge myself of unsightly materialism. When he completely advocated an old school paper filing system though I was lost. Paperless is uncluttered, not vice versa. It has good common-sensical advice, but it is advice that fits into a GoodReads Review -- store like things with like and have a place for everything and assign everything a place and get rid of junk. Don't hop on t [...]

    24. This book asks you to read the first 2 chapters first and then you can skip around to various sections of your house that you want to unstuff. So far I have done the kitchen and scrapbook room and am working my way through the office and storage room. I find him very helpful. Deep breaths.ep breathsI can be cool without my stuffep breaths. : ) Actually the author is funny, practical, and useful.

    25. I’ll be honest - I did not do the exercises or follow the instructions. And after a couple of chapters, I started skimming. I suppose if your life is chaos and you have a sizable house and are surrounded by towering piles of excess stuff, this might be the book for you. But I must not be the intended reader. First of all, I live in a small house. I don’t even have a coat closet, a linen closet, a utility closet, a mud room, a laundry room, a basement, and a multi-bay garage to organize. Seco [...]

    26. Andrew Mellen is a little over the top but I still recommend this book. I have listened to it before and have applied many of his suggestions and now that I am back from my mission I am listening to it again. Don't be put off by his obsessive attitude. I have learned a lot that has been very helpful to me.

    27. When it comes down to it, I really enjoyed this book and found it very helpful, but I found the tone in the first two chapters pretty annoying. If I hadn't purchased it on audiobook, I don't know that I would have continued with it. Mr. Mellen opens the book by advising me, his reader, that my system isn't working or I wouldn't be reading this book, which simply isn't the case. I selected it because my husband is an interminable slob, and I was hoping for concise advice to pass on to him. I know [...]

    28. This was a useful book for me. I wouldn’t call it enjoyable, but it was useful. Andrew Mellen clearly presented an organized, elaborate set of steps for getting rid of excess “stuff” and organizing the rest so that it can be useful again, no longer lost in the jumble of daily living. This is not something I have ever been good at, and my husband is at least as bad, so having a blueprint of ideas to follow will be helpful to both of us. It took me longer to complete this audiobook than most [...]

    29. This would be a great book for someone that is cluttered. I realized I was actually less cluttered than I maybe thought I was. Mellen has some great ideas to become organized and I already do the majority of them. I think it would be difficult for the seriously cluttered, and potential hoarders, to really take the advice without him, or someone else to push the ideas on the person. Mellen does kind of mention this as "something you will need" to do a lot of the steps include having a friend to h [...]

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