A Place to Stand

A Place to Stand A vivid portrait of life inside a maximum security prison and an affirmation of one man s spirit in overcoming the most brutal adversity this award winning memoir stands as proof there is always hope

  • Title: A Place to Stand
  • Author: Jimmy Santiago Baca
  • ISBN: 9780802139085
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
  • A vivid portrait of life inside a maximum security prison and an affirmation of one man s spirit in overcoming the most brutal adversity, this award winning memoir stands as proof there is always hope in even the most desperate lives Fort Worth Morning Star Telegram.

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      178 Jimmy Santiago Baca
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    1 thought on “A Place to Stand”

    1. This memoir was difficult to read because of the brutal reality of the criminal justice system that it depicts. This is not a "how-to" lesson if you're an aspiring poet. It is a reality lesson on the perverted American justice system, specifically if you are poor, male, black or brown. That Baca became the writer and poet that he is -- is only testimony to him, and his unique brain. Baca describes what prison is like, what solitary confinement is like, and how sensory deprevation transformed him [...]

    2. This book has helped me to appreciate the innate intelligence that I must continuously search for within me. This book has challenged me to refuse the internalization of detrimental stereotypes and societal norms that are imposed on my Chicano culture. This book forces me to recognize the sadness that the New Mexican must experience when clashing with the gringo culture. This book has inspired me to see past the thorns of my heritage and into the sacred blooms that are rarely discovered in my br [...]

    3. this book is about jimmy and hes brothere mieyo there were little when hes farther first started drinking and getting drunk.he left hes family once in a while and wnet of drinking.jimmy was little always getting abused by hes dad. one day jimmys mom count take it any more she ran away with a white family and got married to a guy name richard he was rich.jimmys dad went looking after her and jimmy and hes brother got whent and lived with hes gramdma. after a while she got tired of them and then s [...]

    4. "After being stripped of everything, all these kids had left was pride - a pride that was distorted, maimed, twisted, and turned against them, a defiant pride that did not allow them to admit that they were human beings and had been hurt." - Baca, p. 21It has taken me a while to write this review because the information in this memoir is so raw and disturbing that I had to remove myself from it in order to wrap my mind around what I thought. To be honest, I still don't know how to express in wor [...]

    5. This book is about a man named jimmy he has had a horrible childhood because when he was a little kid his mom left him and his brother, for a white man. They stayed at there granpa's and granma's for a little while he realy like his granpa alot, but he missed his mom a lot. Every day he would ask for her, his granpa said, shell be back soon,until one day his granpa passt away, Jimmy and his brother had to stay in a orpanage until he was 12 or 13 he had to move to this other place. He started to [...]

    6. This book is a perennial favorite with students. I'm currently teaching it to students who say they "don't read", however they are fully engaged in Baca's life story, and they are even reading his poetry on their own. All good signs of a teachable book.

    7. Pg. 152-153"Had I been able to share my feelings that moment, I would have said what I was able to add years later, lying on my cot in an isolation cell in total darkness. I would have said I felt the many lives that had come before me, the wind carrying within the vast space of the range, and all that lived in the range--cows, grass, insects-- but something deeper. Old women leaving their windows open so the breeze can pass through the rooms, blessing the walls, chasing away evil spirits, anoin [...]

    8. Baca has always been one of my favorite poets. His work captures the sights, sounds, and feels of the Chicano neighborhoods of the Albuquerque where I grew up.His story of a young illiterate man who became a poet to save himself in prison is amazing and signals that no human being should be completely written off as wasted.

    9. This book reminds me of the importance of literacy and gives me hope like no other book has. Read it and then learn more about the Cedar Tree organization, which provides writing workshops to people in deprived communities, prisons, detention centers, and schools for at-risk youth. Thank you for this book and your work, Jimmy!

    10. An incredible prison memoir but also a heartbreaking view into the troubled life of a thoughtful boy abandoned by his mother and left to fend for himself by his own wits. A story of family, crime, solitude, desire, ambition and the never-ending drive to fulfil the human heart.

    11. Reading Baca's memoir is a painful process, as most of the people he loves seem to abandon him; however, his love for language and honest telling of what it takes to survive in prison is a gift to most of us who are ignorant about such a world.

    12. Excellently written memoir about one man's spiritual journey through parental abandonment and surviving the brutality of an unjust penal code. In a way, A Place to Stand demonstrates the effects on humans when society at large rejects one's culture.

    13. Really powerful. His story is why I love to read memoirs so much, but this one is a much higher writing quality than a lot of memoirs.

    14. This was one of the first books of the Latino Lit genre that I read and I loved it. Jimmy's story is heartbreaking and hopeful.

    15. From the prologue the reader knows that the story of Jimmy Baca will not be a happy one, yet there is a hint of hope and purpose. From the first sentence you are drawn into Jimmy's world"I was five years old the first time I ever set foot in prison."Ultimately he tells a story of redemption, but first you journey with him and his people a veritable "trail of tears" -- pain, injustice, abuse, , passion, mercy, betrayal, friendship. Like Gandhi, Mandela, and Malamud's "Fixer", Baca's choices set h [...]

    16. This was a difficult read, emotionally, from the first sentence pretty much to the last, but I am glad I read the whole thing. I thought about putting the book down more than once, but was driven to see how he survived and changed. (It helped that I knew a little of the end of the story: lots of writing and writing success.) I would have liked a little more description of how he taught himself how to read and write (or maybe what he does give gets lost in the other painful jail stories?) but I h [...]

    17. Wow. Anyone who knows me as a reader knows that I am not the greatest fan of nonfiction, but having been a fan of JSB's poetry for many years, dipping into his autobiography was truly eye opening and revealing. I actually met JSB several years ago, and was floored by his demeanor and respect for students and teachers of English. There wasn't one ounce of his personality that suggested he went through what was in his book, but I know that was the main reason he began to write poetry, so it's a hu [...]

    18. Jimmy Santiago Baca, who wrote this memoir about turning from a life of crime after learning to read in prison, is a gifted writer. I liked the way he kept circling back to add detail to prior events just when his narrative needed the detail. I loved the lyrical descriptions of his impoverished Chicano community and certain of his childhood memories. But there is no doubt that once he went to prison for drug dealing, a lifetime of anger bubbled over into some pretty shocking brutality. I did get [...]

    19. Rarely does the average person get a glimpse of life behind bars in a maximum-security prison. Our understanding of the criminal mind, the US judicial system, and the intimacies of life in prison are limited to a great degree by what Hollywood would have us believe. In his memoir, A Place to Stand, Jimmy Santiago Baca offers his reader the opportunity to know the circumstances, motivation, and intent of one condemned man: himself. We are led by the hand through his traumatizing childhood where B [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book. It was long, hard to get through, and at times it felt overwritten and a little too drawn-out, but by the end I was shedding tears.Jimmy Santiago Baca--now a prized poet--grew up in New Mexico in an impoverished, broken family. Although he cherishes he memories with his grandparents in their small, rural village of Estancia, his life fell apart when his alcohol father abandoned the family and his mother left to marry a white man who wanted her to keep her Hispanic her [...]

    21. A Place to Stand, was written by Jimmy Santiago Baca, a Chicano writer introduced to me for first time in the English class I am taking at the City College of San Francisco. A Place to Stand is an autobiography that details the struggles Baca had to face in order to become a famous writer. But his struggles are not like the ones any writer has to confront… Baca was the product of a mixed family in which he couldn’t fit. The book takes us to his childhood in his hometown in New Mexico, growin [...]

    22. What a heart-breaking, yet hope-inspiring life story!To think that Baca was illiterate at the age of 22 and taught himself how to read and write despite the adversities that he faced early on in his life - it's simply amazing!I was so captivated by his story and kept wondering how many other lost souls ended up in prison after enduring hardship after hardship early in his life.Baca gives us a glimpse into the multi-faceted circumstances that lead to derailed life paths of young people. The story [...]

    23. At the heart of this memoir is the concept of adversity. Baca faces challenges at literally every turn of his life, beginning with his imprisoned father and absentee mother and culminating in his horrific stint in prison. Baca us failed by the system relentlessly, which makes the truly extraordinary aspect of his story is what he does with his trauma. Instead of being defeated by his experiences he is motivated. He turns his suffering into motivation and inspiration for a beautiful poetic voice. [...]

    24. I had met Jimmy Santiago Baca several days ago, when he was giving a talk at a highschool. I cannot stress how incredible it was to see him hold down an entire auditorium of restless highschoolers. He is an intensely intelligent and powerful person, but at the same time deeply sensitive and loving. His entire talk was centered around pushing these kids forward in life, while his book is written to protest against the injustices that our justice system perpetuates against minorities and the poor. [...]

    25. I'm quite overwhelmed at all the author went through in his life, and in awe of the way he was able to overcome what seemed to be insurmountable obstacles. Also, I could never survive prison. There's no way.

    26. In the book “A Place to Stand” written by Jimmy Santiago Baca. The story takes place in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where Jimmy grew up with two siblings. Being the middle child with an older brother and younger sister. An abusive father that was constantly in and out of jail. A mother that sought more of life, even if it meant abandoning her responsibilities of a mother. Santiago’s upbringing was rough as a child. This memoir of Santiago’s tragic events and abandonment of what he has faced th [...]

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