Get Lucky

Get Lucky LUCKYIN LOVE An unlikely state of affairs For Navy SEAL Lucky O Donlon was the original love em and leave em guy Used to women swooning at his feet So how could it be that the frustratingly attractive

  • Title: Get Lucky
  • Author: Suzanne Brockmann
  • ISBN: 9780373079919
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • LUCKYIN LOVE An unlikely state of affairs For Navy SEAL Lucky O Donlon was the original love em and leave em guy Used to women swooning at his feet So how could it be that the frustratingly attractive journalist Sydney Jameson had nothing to offer him but one very cold shoulder Well, two could play at this game But first things first he and Sydney had a job to doLUCKYIN LOVE An unlikely state of affairs For Navy SEAL Lucky O Donlon was the original love em and leave em guy Used to women swooning at his feet So how could it be that the frustratingly attractive journalist Sydney Jameson had nothing to offer him but one very cold shoulder Well, two could play at this game But first things first he and Sydney had a job to do They had to get their man.Then there would be time enough for him to get his woman.

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    1 thought on “Get Lucky”

    1. Opening Line: “All early-morning conversation in Captain Joe Catalanotto’s office stopped dead as everyone turned to look at Lucky.”You really can’t go wrong with any of the books from Suzanne Brockmann’s Tall Dark and Dangerous series. Each is well written with a delicious alpha male hero and just the right amount of action, suspense and melodrama to keep you coming back for more. All the stories are loosely connected (following Seal Team 10’s Alpha squad members) yet still differen [...]

    2. One of my favorites of the TT&D series. Lucky figures out that he's not all that and turns into a real boy. The mystery of the rapist and the way they find him is well done and realistic. The emotions are real and you get to see almost all the characters from the other books. The end scene where they rush to save the heroine is very touching and Lucky really goes all out to save her and then to convince her he loves her. He puts his ego right out there for all to see. Very well done.

    3. more like 3.5but gotta round down (sorry!)So I haven't read any of Suzanne Brockmann's books before but I heard some good things about this one so I thought I'd try it out. So since this story is part of a series I had to ignore a lot of the back-stories that kept popping up on previous couples in this series which wasn't a problem except I got so confused by the shear amount of them I got somewhat annoyed by the end of it and pretended they were random side characters rather than a group so I s [...]

    4. The cover makes me want to weep. Its just so terrible. Lucky is supposed to be good looking and the Sydney is supposed to dress in loose fitting clothing. I hate when the cover of the book has absolutely nothing to do with the story or the characters at all. *grumble* It was pretty good though. After reading a lot of the books in the series I'm a bit meh towards them now.

    5. Ladies and gentlemen, she has done it. Suzanne Brockmann has done it! Okay, so I'd fallen for Lucky during his brief appearance in Frisco's Kid, and way more so in The Admiral's Bride, but I had no idea I'd love him THIS MUCH! I really hadn't expected to ever love a TDD character as much I love Blue, but good golly here we are! Lieutenant Luke "Lucky" O'Donlon's a gorgeous blonde hair, blue eyed, walking-talking Ken doll, (as Syd often refers to him as "Navy Ken"). He's a ladies man who's never [...]

    6. Loved, loved, loved this one! Navy SEAL Luke "Lucky" O'Donlan has been swaggering through nearly all of the Tall, Dark, and Dangerous books, doing his SEAL team ten stuff with aplomb and loving and leaving women at the speed of light. I really didn't like him all that much, though I wouldn't have turned down the chance to gaze at him adoringly drool uncontrollably ahem, watch him leave the pool after swimming laps. He seemed like a great team member, a fantastic friend, and a true serial dater. [...]

    7. What do you do when the perfect blonde Ken doll walks in? Sydney Jameson just shakes her head, they're not going to get rid of her. A friend was brutalized and she's going to work on the task force and write the exclusive when they catch this guy. Lucky O'Donlon isn't getting the reaction he's used to from a woman and why does she keep slipping and calling him Ken? This unlikely pair get to know each other as only Suzanne does it and I loved it. Had me laughing out loud in places, but the suspen [...]

    8. Great storyline, as always, by Brockmann!What a terrible cover, though! Suzanne Brockmann joked about it on her Facebook page, said she used to offer a "GET LUCKY Cover Fix-It Kit" on her website. Readers could send an SASE and she'd send back a smiley-face sticker and instructions as to how to apply it to the cover of their book!The fix?

    9. Like any of Suzanne Brockmann's TD&D books it was fantastic, but honestly the cover nearly killed it before I even read it. Could they have any worse image of Lucky? I really don't think so.This is a case where if I saw this book without knowing anything about the author or the series I wouldn't have picked it up.

    10. Me gusta que la autora haya reunido a todas las parejas de los libros anteriores en este. Es lindo volver a leerlos después de taaantisimo tiempo.Lucky es un idiota, Lucky es encantador. Sydney me repele. Sydney es bastante inteligente.El libro se lee.

    11. Two-haiku review:He's gorgeous, cockyShe's smart but dresses dowdyHe tries to charm herEye of beholderLooking beneath the surfacePlus good mystery

    12. Pemerkosa berantai menyerang tetangga Sydney. Dan ternyata orang yang menabraknya saat dia hendak masuk flat ternyata adalah pelakunya. Menjadi saksi kunci utama, Sydney akhirnya bergabung dalam tim untuk menemukan sang pelaku, bersama Lucky sebagai ketua dari Navy SEAL, yang menentang masuknya Sydney kedalam timnya.Sang pemerkosa meninggalkan tanda SEAL, membuat seluruh anggota SEAL yang mirip ciri-ciri sang pemerkosa tidak bisa dimasukkan dalam tim.Tidak dijelaskan alasan seseorang mengaku seb [...]

    13. Genial cómo el tan guapo e independiente Lucky fue atrapado. Solo una crìtica a la portada registrada en , es horrible. A seguir con esta serie!!!

    14. Author: Suzanne BrockmannFirst published: 2000Length: 3350 kindle locationsSetting: Contemporary. Coronado.Sex: Infrequent. Varies from explicit to door half-closed.Hero: SEAL.Heroine: Journalist.Triggers: Violence and rape of secondary characters (view spoiler)[including the violent attack of heroine of a previous book (hide spoiler)].I really enjoyed this one. Playboy SEAL finds his (somewhat frumpy) One and she doesn’t believe him. Good suspense, nice romance, good use of past characters an [...]

    15. Five stars I gave itI think the story is complete. Mystery, thrill, romance, etc. All-in-one!Karakter cewenya ini karakter fav, ngga menyek atau manja atau terlalu feminin. Dia mandiri. Syd itu keras kepala tp juga ngga se 'keras' itu, bukannya itu daya tariknya yg bisa bikin si Lucky klepek-klepek :DSetiap ada momen dimana Lucky cemburu atau merasa tersiksa sama si Syd rasanya gw ikut andil dicertanya.Dan momen plg yg dinantikan setelah semua kepura-puraan, kiss, and the s**. Lucky akhrinya mau [...]

    16. Oke abaikan covernya yang nggak banget itu. Tapi yang pasti saya senang banget bisa menyelesaikan review buku in ditengah rapat yang amat sangat membosankan itu *dikeplak si bos* Kita mulai reviewnya?Playboy Alpha Squad Tem Ten Navy SEALs kita (?) Lucky O'Donlon kali ini punya cerita. Berhubung adik perempuan satu-satunya akan menikah maka Lucky pun mengundurkan diri dari tugas lapangan di suatu tempat yang tak diketahui. Bahkan sang kapten Joe Cattalonoto pun tak tahu. Sebagai gantinya Lucky di [...]

    17. Ein Serienvergewaltiger treibt sein Unwesen in San Felipe und er scheint aus den Reihen der Navy SEALs zu kommen. Die Journalistin Sydney Jameson hat den Täter durch Zufall gesehen, kann ihn aber leider nicht beschreiben. Er hat ihre Nachbarin überfallen, fast zu Tode geprügelt und vergewaltigt. Sie ist empört, als sie herausfindet, dass er bereits weitere Frauen vergewaltigt hat und niemand die Öffentlichkeit gewarnt hat. Daher droht sie dem ermittelnden Polizeichef mit der Veröffentlichu [...]

    18. Hach, ich weiß gar nicht genau wo ich eigentlich anfangen soll oder wie ich überhaupt meine Begeisterung für dieses Buch bennen soll, denn es ist auf jeden Fall eines meiner Favoriten der Reihe.Luke "Lucky" O'Donlon ist der Typische ja um es mit Worten der Protagonistin zu sagen: Ken. Wer jetzt denke: "Hä? Ken?" Ja, genau. Der Ken von Barbie und Ken! Er ist der Schönling seines Seal Teams, den Alpha Squad, und so zieht er mit seinen strahlenden blauen Augen, blonden Haaren und unendlichem [...]

    19. 3.5 stars (Cheesy cover notwithstanding)Rating: Steamy thriller with hot SEALs!Here’s where not keeping up with your book reviews can bite you. I *thought* I’d read this book, but I wasn’t sure, so I read it again. Not that it’s not a good book, but sometimes, a new cover can really throw you.Short and sweet review: Lucky’s a Player, and so you know he’s gonna fall hard for a girl eventually. And this is his story, tied up with a serial-rapist/killer who may or may not be a SEAL or f [...]

    20. Good read.I was looking forward to reading the story of lucky since he first appeared in this series. I really loved how miss brockmann wrote the h/h in the first half of this book. He was oh so sure of himself and she made fun of him (Ken). But somewhere halfway through she stopped making jokes and turned into a pool of selfdoubt (not pretty enough) which killed the banter and quality talks between them. But miss brockmann's heroes are always better fleshed out than the heroines, so the repetit [...]

    21. I know someone recommended this specific book to me, but I can't remember who. I just know I wouldn't normally pick up a book in the middle of a series, but this can easily be read as a standalone. You get a peek at who the past couplings were, but the story if firmly on Lucky and Syd.This is another one of those hot guy who is a player finds the one woman perfect for him. And a little bit of the girl who doesn't think she stands a chance because he's too perfect. I loved that when Lucky tried t [...]

    22. So totally laughing at myself right now. I thought this was the first book in the series. So, take it from me folks, you don't have to read these in order!This series was recommended to me by a friend when I said--help! I just watched Generation Kill and just simply need to be immersed in very hot military men who don't just rescue some admiral's daughter who is randomly kidnapped, hijacked, etc. (I'm looking at you Seal whatever book!). This was great. Lucky was just awesome. Syd was charming. [...]

    23. 5 Stars! ~ Luke aka Lucky has movie star looks and knows he's a magnet to women. He's been assigned to a special Navy / Local Police task force to find a serial rapist who leaves clues that indicate he may be a SEAL. Sydney is a freelance investigative journalist. Her neighbour is a victim of a brutal rape. Sydney pieces together that this isn't a one time thing, and that there may be a serial rapist out there. Using that power, she manages to get herself assigned as part of the task force. She' [...]

    24. synopsis:sydney comes home one night and finds her upstairs neighbour beaten badly and raped. she realizes that she has passed by the guy in the stairwell. when she writes a column for a newspaper, accusing the navy of harbouring a criminal, she gets assigned to a task force. lucky is also assigned to the task force, to find out if it is true, and to keep the annoying journalist out of the investigation. when lucky finds out that the journalist is a woman, he figures that he can distract her wit [...]

    25. Get Lucky by Suzanne BrockmannTDD #9Luke "Lucky" O'Donlon & Sydney JamesonSydney Jameson, chief witness to identifying a serial rapist, is paired up with a Navy SEAL team trying to locate the guy before he hurts anyone else. The rapist is leaving specific marks on the victim's bodies which makes everyone believe he is a SEAL, which is why the Navy is working with the police to track him down. Syd's main detractor in being included in this team is the egocentric Lt. Luke "Lucky" O'Donlon, who [...]

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